The top three pics: All from midsummer!
Pic 4: My friend had a longboard in her house that we gladly had to try out in the middle of the midsummer celebration!
Pic 5: Me being all cool! Longboard style! Keep on rollin rollin rollin oh yeah!
Pic 6: Selfie!
Pic 7: Me and my friends went to the beach, it was boiling, the warmest day here yet! So we all burned out bums! Haha!
Pic 8: Tom Odell love!!
Pic 9: Midsummer celebration!

You can follow me on Instagram at theblackcape90 ! :)

Alright so I’m all packed for tomorrow, cause I’m going on holiday, me and my entire family are going to Macedonia for ten days! Gonna be real nice! We have a flat there, but I haven’t seen it yet, so gonna be fun to see!

I used to go to macedonia quite a bit when i was little, (u see my parents are both from there) then when i was sixteen i brought my swedish friends and had a blast! But I haven’t been there since actually, it’s been 7 years! Long! Too long! So real early tomorrow morning it’s time! :) wooho!


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