As a few of you might already know, me and me sister went to Copenhagen just for one day the other week for some shopping and such! And we had a great time! The weather was perfect too, so sunny!! So everyone, both young and old were sitting outside enjoying the sunshine as you can see on the pics. :)

I’ve been to Copenhagen a few times before but lately just for concerts, and then you only see the city by night, so I must have forgotten what a lovely city it is! Cause I fell in love with it all over again! So if you haven’t been, you have to go!! It has it all, great shopping, modern city but it also has the beautiful “nyhamn” as it’s called where the harbour is and all the cosy different coloured houses!

When we first arrived we went for some lunch at a place at ströget (where all the shopping is) called Cafe Norden, my sister had been here loads of times before, and it was her fave lunch/brunch place, the plan was for us to have brunch cause apparently their brunch is outstanding! But sadly we were too late for brunch, but it didn’t really matter cause we decided to go for their goat cheese salad instead, which truly was the best goat cheese salad I’ve ever tasted!! Oh my!! It’s the one on the pic! So tasty, salty and sweet at the same time!

Then we went for some shopping! From Monki to Louis Vuitton, we checked them all out! After that the plan was to go to their sandcastle exhibition, one that my sister seemed to be quite excited about, me not so much, haha, but we ended up walking for ages, cause people gave us the wrong directions, so at the end of it, we couldn’t be bothered, so instead it was ice cream time for us, and some more shopping :)

Then it got late and we were hungry again so we went for some dinner at this very cosy street, which had loads of outdoors restaurants. I had the most amazing chicken bacon burger! Which I just had to take a pic of to show you guys ;) I was really impressed, the food that day was a real success!

Then it was time to head back home! Such a great day!!! Can’t wait to go there again! Trying to convince my boyfriend to go with me :)! Wish me luck! :)



    1. Well, i live in Sweden right now so guess it’s quite expensive here, but yes its a bit more expensive in Denmark! Wouldn’t say incredibly expensive though, Norway on the other hand there we’re talking incredibly expensive! Haha :)

      1. A-ha. Thank you for the update. When I have friends visit Scandanavian countries they always say how much more everything costs compared to the UK!

  1. Love the pictures of wonderful Copenhagen. Im from Denmark and use to live on the island Fyn, Odense. but been to Copenhagen many times. Love that city and love the Scandinavian fashion. Im now living in Las Vegas, USA with is very different with their fashion.

    1. Oh are u :D that’s cool! Copenhagen is so nice I love it there!! Yes I feel you really like the Scandinavian fashion too :), oh Vegas that’s real cool! Do u study there or work or something ? X

      1. Yeah i love the fashion we have at back home. We have so many good brands that no one else have.Love all the small stores we have. Well i’m married to an American so that’s why i’m here :)

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