Top row from left 1: The tivoli in Copenhagen, 2: We had lunch in the sunshine in Copenhagen, the most amazing goat cheese salad!! (more pics will come from my day there as soon as I get them ready!) 3: Me and my girls having a lush dinner in celebration of my birthday! 4: The harbour where me and my friends had some ice cream, 5: tanning time! 6: A bit of my outfit that I had for the birthday dinner :) I’ll show you the rest of the outfit tonight ;)! 7: My bling, I’m so in love with my Cheap Monday bracelet!! 8: My girls having ice cream and chilling out in the sun :) 9: A little selfie pic just before I was about to head out! Now, my little nap that I told you about I was gonna have, wasn’t so little, slept for like two or three hours! Haha but whatever it was amazing! Feel so rested! Now time for food and the voice! Wooho! Also you can follow me on insta at theblackcape90 ;) xxx



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