20130606-212705.jpgPhotographer: Clara Olsson.Trousers: h&m, top: bikbok,shoes: office London (old), bag: hermès, necklace: h&m, belt: vintage, rings: h&m, sunnies: brick lane London. White, red and gold outfit :) it was also about time to take my sandals out of the wardrobe! Gonna buy a new pair though, like these ones but they’re pretty annoying to put on and take off cause of all the twisting u need to do around your feet.. And I either end up tying them too tight or too loose, so you have to redo it.haha well well enough about that, I’ve had an amazing day in Copenhagen today! It was perfect sunny weather and loads of people were out and about! So as soon as we arrived we had some amazing lunch! And after that we did some shopping :) and had dinner in the evening! Just came home, and I’m so tired!! Been walking loads today, my feet are killing so I have a feeling I’m gonna sleep well tonight! :) xx



      1. Thanks for your comment. Even though I have been blogging for a while, I am still new at all of this. Sorry for being so late with my response, I will do better next time. Keep your comments coming it is where I get my motivation.

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