First row from left pic 1: A little sneak peek of my white outfit :), pic 2: Me and my friend having some drinks outside at a bar, pic 3: Gorgeous heels from Zara!, pic 4: My new Cheap Monday bracelet!, pic 5: My gold and black outfit, pic 6: Had some lush Italian ice cream the other day, lemon sorbet and chocolate! My fave combo is really chocolate and yogurt, but sadly they were out if yogurt, but next time!! Pic 7: Me having a YOLO moment in the yellow fields , haha think this YOLO thing is real silly but me and my friends have started to say it all the time just because its sounds so fun! Ha nerd alert I know! We’re prob a year late with it too, which is just hilarious! Anyways moving on ! Pic 8: Me and my new pinstriped skirt from weekday , so sooo happy with it! Pic 9: Ran into this little cute duck family in the middle of town !! People were trying to escort them to the park so they wouldn’t hurt themselves in the traffic ,look how tiny the little cuddlers are !! Oh ! Now it’s time for dinner, real hungry! Also you can find me on Instagram, I’m called theblackcape90 ;) xxx


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