First row from left pic 1: My hair is looking horrible! All beige/white/grey/light purple, in the process if washing it out! Pic 2: My outfit the other day, had my leathers on ! Pic 3: Sandals that I found at the store Dinsko , really like em! Pic 4: Had my fave lunch when we celebrated my friends birthday! Salmon and pesto yum! :) so good! Pic 5: Me doing my “eyyyyy” move , pic 6: My puff pastry dinner with pesto and feta cheese! Pic 7: Me and the birthday girl Sara who was down from Stockholm ! Pic 8: Me in my brothers kitchen where I decided to make pancakes for his kids, never done it before…. Pic 9: But it went real well check out this amazingly round pancake !! Oh yeaahhhh! I’ve been at the mall today with my sister and my nephew, having some family quality time :) found two very nice dresses at topshop that I tried on , and they were nice but wasn’t completely in love with them , so we’ll see :) saving my money for two other things I wanna buy you see :) Anyways had a great day, now I just got back home, might wash my hair again … Did it this morning as well .. But I really want all the purple to disappear ! Agh this is a mission ! Also don’t forget to follow me on Instagram ! :) I’m called theblackcape90


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