20130525-183203.jpg Sleeveless leather jacket: google, watch: Michael Kors, heels: Zara, skirt: topshop, clutch: Charlotte Olympia I’m so into the whole white looks nowadays! I really wanna get myself a nice white skirt, this topshop one is real cool! And those Zara heels , hello I say ! Almost felt the need to buy em ! Added a nice Olympia persplex clutch to the outfit too ! What do you think if the outfit? :) But in wearing an outfit like this, with both a leather jacket and a patent skirt, it can easily go wrong, cause it can look a bit too rough/ tacky , so hair either in a nice ponytail or a backslick I would say, and also the leather vest needs to be longer so not short and tight! so you just get to see a little bit of the skirt! :) Might colour my hair now actually, my dipdye is still a bit purple, washed it today in hope of getting it all out but still not entirely gone, I’m gonna colour it with a permanent colour now though, so guessing it doesn’t matter if all the purple is gone or not? Considering there’s no chemicals in the purple colour , so I’m thinking my new colour will cover the purple?! hmmm .. Do any of know? :) Might need to google this actually !



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