20130522-221304.jpg 1 pic: Wearing h&m rings and h&m necklace that I’m here wearing as a bracelet, 2: Clutch from minusey.com , ring: gina tricot, 3: wearing a gina tricot bomber jacket & topshop sunnies, 4: topshop sunnies , silver rings: gina tricot, gold one: bvlgari, aloha one: Hawaii, 5: Hermes bag , h&m heels, gina tricot trousers, 6: Hermes wallet, topshop leather jacket Here’s some outfit close ups for you all ! :) I just had a lush dinner , basically did the puff pastry thing again like yesterday but this time I added sundries tomatoes to it & it turned out even better then yesterday! Oh yeah !


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