erin wasson nnn


Erin Wasson, a model, actress, designer, occasional stylist and not to mention a massive style icon! I just love everything about her style and always have done, and just when I was thinking that it wasn’t possible to love her even more , yesterday I found out that it sure is!

As I saw that my fave streetstyle blog stylesnooperdan had posted this pic of Erin in the leather trousers with the white shirt, white jacket, those heels, raybans and with the hair up in a massive ponytail ,aghh got a bit of a fashion orgasm! Best outfit I’ve seen anyone in for a while! Just casually cool! wow! Don’t you think?!?



  1. love the classic elements that become the core of her outfits. I got me a new style icon, and she’s awesome…..but I still live for all that is Victoria Beckham

  2. This is awesome, she is such a babe and totally agree on that outfit, best!! I love love that pic of her in the bottom row in the middle in all black, that outfit is perfect!!!

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