Wow what a nice day it’s been, sunny and quite warm! :) Hope it stays this way from now on!

Here’s some all black looks inspo for you all! My fave is the one in the middle, (but she is wearing a dark blue jacket though..) love the neon iphone cover, work so well with what she’s wearing!

You like any of the looks? fave?

Ha, about iphone covers, talked about it with my sister today, she’s quite older then me, and I showed her the marc by marc jacobs cover I want for my iphone, and she was like WHAT you’re gonna have a cover on ur iphone?!? Ouuhhhh so ugly!! I then tried to explain to her that at the moment, iphone’s ipads’s and such are as much of a fashion statement as any other accessories! She was like “oh, guess I’ve totally missed that”.

There’s still some pretty ugly covers though out there, like the Moschino one I tweeted about last night, prob the ugliest iphone case I’ve ever seen…  (see if you don’t follow me on twitter you’ve totally missed out on the ugliest iphone case!! important stuff!) but don’t worry you can follow me HERE! ;) haha xx


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