Top row from left:: Ray Bans, Acne, Bracelet:, underneath from the left: Acne clutch, Skirt :, heels: Zara

One of the biggest trends this year is Black and white, also Leather, and the two strap heel, in this outfit we combine them all! Tuck in some of the Acne tee in the skirt, get ur hot heels on, and ur ready!

You like?

Came home a while ago, after spending some hours in town with a friend of mine, had a great time, also it’s been so sunny today, so win win! Now, I’m thinking about making myself some waffles! yeah u heard me! waffels! Never really eat them, so weird , yesterday while in the super market, it just came to me ” WAFFLES! let buy waffle batter!” We do have an waffle iron at home, so thought it was time to give it a go, and once I got to the shelf, I notice it’s just one package left, I was like “that’s weird, didn’t know they were SO popular” And weirdly, coming home, I found out it was the “day of the waffles” ha, coinsidence! Didn’t even know a day like that existed here in Sweden, obviously my subconscious apperently knew..



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