Wow! The south african Victoria secret model Candice Swanepoel is really bringing the sexy to the Vogue Spain 2013 issue!

Some of you might already know that I’m girl crushing on Candice! Who isn’t really?!? And she looks stunning in this editorial shot by Mariano Vivanco, love the photos! they feel so 90’s , wow!

Oh I’m so full now after the pizza, bit of a food coma! Oh I have to tell you how awful I felt this morning, basically , last night my jaw was really hurting prob cause I felt all tense yesterday, it was so bad that I could barely fall asleep cause of it! So woke up this morning, with my jaw feeling completely ruined, blood on my lip, ( must have bitten myself in my sleep) and haven’t slept enough hours, made me feel like someone’s been using my face as a mop last night or something, hurting everywhere! Did I get into a massive physical fight with someone in my dreams or what?! aouch :( Hope it won’t be the same tonight!



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