mat IMG_5257


mat 3IMG_5200

Mmm check out the shrimpies I’ve been getting my hands on lately ! The first two pics is of the dish I made last night! Spaghetti with shrimps and ruccola it’s a Jamie Oliver recipe, and I found it in swedish HERE! Al though you’re really supposed to use the big shrimps, but there wasn’t any in my shop so I went for the small ones, which resulted them getting a bit dry, and not very juicy, also I recommend you using more sundried tomatoes then it says or a puré cause otherwise it gets quite dry! And not too much lemon, It was nice but could be nicer! It sure looked very nice! :)

The last pic is of the seafood dish I had the other day when I had lunch with some friends, mm nice one!

Now it’s saturday and I have a wedding to attend to later on! Fun times! Gonna be so fun to see the entire family! :)

Hey outfit pics coming up later xx :)



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