balenciaga coll


This is the first Balenciaga collection with Alexander Wangs as it’s creative director,I’m a huge Wang fan, so I was really excited with what he’ll come up with, but to be honest I was quite disappointed (ps for ONCE I’ve actually spelled “disappointed right without looking it up, always have a massive problem with that damn word, two p’s or two s’s? ha! moving on) , thought this collection was quite boring , thought the spring summer 2013 collection was so good! so thought this was a massive step back, but hopefully it’s because it’s Wang’s first collection for the brand and he just needs some more time!

What do you think? Am I being a total bitch about this? x

It’s super sunny today woohoo! So I’ve been out and about, actually returned the peplum top I bought the other day, it looked good on me, but it just didn’t feel very me, so gonna go for a different outfit tomorrow at the wedding! Also bought some purlpe eye makeup, gonna go for some dark plum eyes tomorrow ;) Now I’m gonna get my cooking on! A Jamie Oliver recipe, spagetti with shrimps and ruccola!  mm, wish me luck! Todeloo! xx :)



  1. He’ll get braver but he has to establish a ground relationship with former balenciagalovers, compared to how you always put on foundation before rouge if you are doing your makeup.

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