london pics



Thought I’d show you some more London pics so here we go, let’s start from the top left!

1. Me cleaning our warehouse flat in Shoreditch after a party, cinderella style?  2. Me out in Camden prob in 2011 (please not that I’m wearing GOLDEN trousers!  pretty P.I.M.P) ? 3. Me and my boyfriend out in Camden when we first started dating. 4. Me and rebecca at a cherry cola halloween party at Macbeth ,no idea what’s rebecca is trying to eat?

5. Me ( in the stripy top) and friends in a very busy brick lane. 6. Me and Hanna having a blast at Alibi, love this pic, we look so happy, and hammered!  ha! That night was legendery! this pic is from thursday night, then saturday night we went to alibi again (alibi was very happening at the time, there was a period when we were there pretty much all the time) and that’s when and where I met my boyfriend! 

7. The Shoreditch flat, such a nice place, sadly we lived with two massive dickheads.. 8. Me , Miranda and Angelica at Miranda’s barbecue house party, 9. Me, the first time we went to Camden when we first moved to London 10. Me in St Patrick’s park with some friends, a very summery day, and oh hello golden trousers again! I’m wearing a Michael Kors bracelet on this pic, which I dearly miss, left it in England, will make sure my boyfriend brings it too me soon!  



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