New York fashion week started a few days ago sadly with a massive snowstorm, hope everyone’s ok!  And has already delivered a whole lot of great collections, one of them is definitely Alexander Wang’s collection, this man never disappoints! We see lots of blacks greys, browns, and white’s like always in his collections, a scale of colours which you might know I’m quite fond of!

The collection is very minimalistic with great cuts and fabrics. A lot of leather, which I give thumbs up for! Some of the models were wearing these furry “boxing” gloves, which I thought was a funny idea! Also the models were wearing wedges that were covered in fabric, looked like whool or something, this thing with “softer” shoes reminds me of Celine’s collection were they had THESE furry shoes, is this gonna be a thing?

Also now when we’ve seen the Alexander Wang collection, we can not but wonder if there’s gonna be any similarities to the Balenciaga collection in Paris, which is gonna be Wang’s first collection as their new creative director, I believe we’re all quite excited to see what he comes up with!

Now, back to me, I can now say I’m officially ill, after all that talk about me might getting ill, it finally got to me! ha! my throught hurts, and when I talk I sound like a creepy pedo or something. So just gonna stay in, and cuddle up! xx

Just noticed, that wordpress has linked my word “wonder” to a dating thing or something, is this a new way of advertise? Don’t like! I can’t take it away!



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