balooonnnyy IMG_3468

Thought it would be quite fun to take some pics with the balloons from yesterday’s birthday party :) P.s the party for my little nephew went great! He’s obsessed with Lightning McQueen , you know from the movie Cars? Anyhow, we drew lightning Mcqueen on the cake!! Success that was! Me and mum were well proud :) haha!

Now, tea time! later I’m gonna watch fashion police, think the Bafta episode is gonna be out online (p.s did you see how amazing Marion Cotillard looked last night in her Dior bright yellow dress, check it out HERE ehm Best dressed nominee from me! That dress and the other Dior dress she wore at the SAG awards, thumbs up Marion!! Anyhow love to Joan Rivers, she’s hilarious! And everytime I watch fashion police and see Kelly Osbourne in her amazing lilac hair, I always feel like dying my hair all lilac, but no, think I would get tired of it very fast!



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