Month: January 2013


cheap mond

Loving these three jumpers from the Weekday store, especially the one in the middle, need to get my hands on that one!

So last night I started watching a show called Girls, a “comedy” show that came out last year, it’s about 4 girls in their twenties that live in New York. I started watching it cause on it had quite a high rating (and I usually always think what imdb thinks, I’m a big imdb believer!) But this time not so sure, don’t know what I think about the series, it’s a bit of an odd show.

All the four girls are quite strange, the lead character is a bit annoying, a part of me think it’s alright, and another part of me think it’s too much of a “try hard” kinda show, like they want this show to stick out and be a bit indie therefore they chosen these people and characters, which is not my cup of tea. Oh well.. watched all the other shows, so might watch a few more episodes and see what I think.

 Have any of you seen it? Do you like it? xx



nnew blIMG_2503

leather jacket: topshop, shirt: unkown, jeans: cheap monday, shoes: h&m, bracelets: mmm for h&m and vintage

A bit more of that black and white trend for you’ll!

Wowzaa that pizza I’m now having in some real good stuff, been eating it while watching that 70’s show, amazing combo! Yes today has been a day where I’ve treated myself :)

Ah dilemma, i’m about to get into a food coma, but haven’t finished my pizza, there’s so much left!  what to do?!?!

P.s my hair is dry now :) and feels super soft after my little hair treatment!




Hello hello!

 I didn’t have any plans for today, so I thought I might make myself a homemade face and hair mask! Did a little research online and my skin and hair is very dry so therefore I decided to go with a avocado olive oil mix. So i mixed avocado (I took two small ones) mixed it with olive oil, for the skin I didn’t use that much olive oil maybe like 5 teaspoons, cause you want the face mask to be a bit thicker then the hair mask.

And when I did the hair I applied as much more olive oil as needed :) You can wash away the face mask after 15 min, And the hair after 30 min! I had my face mask on for 30 , couldn’t be bothered to wash it away before I was heading to the shower, after the 30 min I saw myself in the mirror and got a bit shocked, my face was all black, ha, cause of the avocado!

Was a bit of a mission to wash my hair, a lot of shampooing and such was needed! One down side to this is that the avocado smell kinda lingers… even though I washed it out for ages, well well. it’s not bad :)

Gonna go and get my pizza now, ohyeaahh! it’s one of those sundays ;)

stay tuned for some outfit pics ;) xxx



fuur 1


fur jacket: vintage, leather trousers: Nowhere, tee: Acne, shoes: H&m, gloves: Tiger of sweden, necklace: Dolce & gabbana

It’s very cold outside today, but I kept warm in my fur jacket :)

Haven’t done too much today, mostly just chilling out!

What are you guys up too, any plans for tonight ? :) xx




leather shorts: bikbok, shirt: unkown, bracelet: maison martin margiela for h&m, sunnies: vintage ray-bans

Just this one pic for you all today, sorry, but my camera seems to be having a go.. don’t know what’s happening, just won’t really focus, very fishy indeed! Anyhow I’m soooo tired, feel like a zombie, a walking dead, haha guess I didn’t get enough sleep last night.

Also today Bang Bang by Cher has been played on repeat, OH yeeahh, such a tune! I think many people think of the Kill Bill version, not knowing that Cher made the original, and it’s bloody awesome! You can listen to it HERE! you almost have to :)




So I’ve been lurking around for some bigger black bags,haven’t seen anything I like besides this one above, which I found at the website just now! quite like it! Love the shape of it and it’s details not so sure about the brown details though.. hmm will have a think, we’ll see, this one is a bit pricy, and considering there’s a risk that I might not use it that much, I should prob buy something cheaper, I’ll keep on looking!

P.s super duper tired today! And hungry, gonna go eat now, see you laters, and I’ll upload some outfit pics!