Woho some fun shoes!! My faves are the one on the top left, the balenciaga ones, damn they’re nice! Think the blue fluffy ones are well cool too! But just cause they’re styled on the pic with a cool pair of trousers,that makes it work, but I would have disliked them if I would have seen em in a shop. Would have though they look very tacky, but here on this pic they look exclusive and chic don’t you think?!

Which ones do you like? :)

I just got home from a lovely lunch with my friend, had a great time! On the way back I got myself a raspberry macaron ohh yeah (couldn’t help myself) and then I picked up my haircolour , so now it’s happening! This time I’m gonna go a bit cray, quite experimental! Wish me luck! This can go really wrong, ahh!


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