The metallic trend, how do you feel about it? I like it! Especially a pair of cool silver metallic shoes or a cluth, hello!

I finally did some successfull shopping today wohooo! :) will try and show you tomorrow! Oh and also getting my hair cut tomorrow, exciting times, just felt a sudden urge to have a little makeover, my hair is way too long now, starting to look like a hippie.. haha.

The last two times I’ve got my hair cut, I wasn’t happy with it, especially not when I was so excited last time I was gonna get it cut, cause I booked an appointment in this super fancy schmancy hairsalon in brick lane in london, one of those places that I’d observed for a while, seeing the fancy decor, and neon lights in there, thinking THIS is the place to get my hair cut, went in there, spent some money, came out, and failiure, the haircut wasn’t nice, and my dipdye they were gonna make, was not noticeable… Ended up making it myself! So hoping this time will be better! Never been at this place, but supposed to be good! wish me luck! :)



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