Hello hello!

 I didn’t have any plans for today, so I thought I might make myself a homemade face and hair mask! Did a little research online and my skin and hair is very dry so therefore I decided to go with a avocado olive oil mix. So i mixed avocado (I took two small ones) mixed it with olive oil, for the skin I didn’t use that much olive oil maybe like 5 teaspoons, cause you want the face mask to be a bit thicker then the hair mask.

And when I did the hair I applied as much more olive oil as needed :) You can wash away the face mask after 15 min, And the hair after 30 min! I had my face mask on for 30 , couldn’t be bothered to wash it away before I was heading to the shower, after the 30 min I saw myself in the mirror and got a bit shocked, my face was all black, ha, cause of the avocado!

Was a bit of a mission to wash my hair, a lot of shampooing and such was needed! One down side to this is that the avocado smell kinda lingers… even though I washed it out for ages, well well. it’s not bad :)

Gonna go and get my pizza now, ohyeaahh! it’s one of those sundays ;)

stay tuned for some outfit pics ;) xxx



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