Hello! I’m back home now, and Oh my , pretty bad luck with my shopping plans today! First the stripy dress, that was sold out, also that red basket tank and the basket tee haven’t got into stores yet, bad luck CHECK! I was like “no way, you must be kidding me” store after store.. well well, just to keep on looking, so annoying though, last time I was at H&M they didn’t have the dress in stores yet, and now it’s sold out.. I’m guessing these are times to move FAST!

Anyhow, it’s been a great day, had so much fun with my sis! I was in a total freaky mood, and just kept dancing away in all the shops, especially in Hollister where I did my robot moves.

P.s i’ve become such an old lady lately, walked into hollister, a guy salesassistent says “excuse me, you need any help?” me being half deaf and with the banging disco music going on I go: ” WHAT?!?!” right in his face.. then cause my hearing is a bit off, I  talk real load, don’t think anyone can hear me, so I say to my sister, “OH my, imagine working here, must be so shit, the worst ever!!” (referring to the load music and the darkness) I got some weird looks from some salesassistents after that..

AND then I go up to a salesgirl and ask “hiya, what size do you recon I am in these shorts?, I don’t want too much butt cheeks going on” After saying butt cheeks, she looks at me strangely as well, let’s just say I got a bit hyped up in that store! I was pretty much out there! Dancing away and feeling the surf wibe OH YEAAH, got these amazing shorts, which I’m wearing above, better pic will come! Pure awesomeness according to me :)

We also had some nice food, at a cool place where you can stand and watch them cook it!

But as I said before in my last post, we went to a new mall here in Sweden called Emporia, never been there before, and prob won’t go again, dissappointed with the shops, not any fun ones, no Zara no topshop.. just the “normal” boring ones, and some tacky shops, then it’s three floors, and  you have to walk all over the place to find the retail shops, they’re all spread out inbetween other shops, so it felt like we walked for ages, no no not for me, and the design no, not fun reminds me of another shitty mall here called entré where again there’s glas in different colours, whats with the sweds, why have they all of a sudden have a thing for coloured glas? it’s really not that fun, or creative. Now I’ve shared my opinion, fave mall is the one near me called Nova, simple, not that big, with great shops!

After the mall, we went back to my sister’s place, and had a bit of a ibiza disco thing going on, super loud music and me, her and my nephew (who we force to join us) we all dance away, doing weird freaky moves, think their neighbours might start wondering why we do this sometimes, I put on my new shorts, pic above, and dance dance danced!

Wowza, such a long post, but will try to take a better pic of the shorts, show u later alligator! x



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