My new Acne tee, it’s a bit see through, and loose, like a mens tee, just perfect!

A bit of a late update today, been out and about, went to the same place tonight as I did yesterday with my friends, it was real nice! I just came home, hungry, thinking about making one of my magical toasts oh yeaah! watch something cosy and have a look at my right eye, something is a bit fishy with it, it hurts. hope it’s just something in my eye, cause if it’s one of those small eye pimples, then it’s a major pain I’m in for.. let’s hope for the best ey!

Goodnight you all xx !



  1. ‘Tee’ is that what you have on your head? Or is it a fur hat or a fur head? If it is, then it’s similar to mine and I definitely take a fancy to it.: ) English language is so versatile, isn’t it? : )

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