had the great pleasure to get interviewed by the awesome website! An interview where I reveal how’s it’s really like to work in the fashion industry, how to get into the industry, my top fashion events and some more details of my personal life and my blog!

You can read it HERE! Hope you enjoy it :) xx



  1. Your style is awesome and the blog design is great, but in this interview, your english grammar is very poor which unfortunately takes away a bit from the professional side of you :( Maybe have someone proof read longer texts before submitting them? I think your blog coud go far!

    1. glad u like my blog! :) well to be fair, it was half three at night when I answered all the questions, so prob made loads of mistakes,so it might not be written very fluent. Next time I’ll make sure to check it properly! x

  2. We can ensure the interview was proof read by our team at itsjustpeople and has had a very positive response :)

    One of our top most clicked on areas of the site this month. With great feedback from Topshop and Topman and Asos who regularly use the site. Apologise to Rebecca if you did not like the article.

    Thanks thebackcape for your time with us.

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