track top: Adidas, vest:, skirt: cubus, bracelet: mmm for h&m

A bit sporty ey!

So two things, first, why do I all of a sudden have adverts coming up on my blog, didn’t have it last month? Do you guys have it too? Can I delete them? they’re really annoying.. And second, sometimes I can’t reply on some comments. dunno why, it’s weird, the reply thing just won’t come up, so now you know why :)

Gonna cosy up now with a hot cocoa and some lussekatter, swedish x mas buns :)



  1. Great post, as usual! Since wordpress is a free blogging host, they apparently post ads on blogs to make the money…They appear on mine, too! On everyone’s really. It is a surprise because you don’t usually see them when you’re logged in. As for the replies, I don’t know, that’s weird…

    1. thanks tatiana :´D! oh really, cause they’ve just appered recently and they’re doing my head in! but can other people see them, can u see the ones on mine? or is it only me? thanks!!! x

      1. I couldn’t see anything right now – but they do show up! They usually show up when you are not logged in to wordpress – that way outside readers can see them. But they’re not so bad – it’s obvious that bloggers don’t put them in themselves so it’s not too distracting as well…Just at the end of posts.

      2. all alrgith thanks for checking :D yes i have one in the end, and usually on the side, and the side one is annoying cause that pushes everything on my blog more to the left, well well, it’s fine then :) thanks hun! x

      3. Oh, I didn’t know there was one on the side! That can be so annoying…I’m sure your blog is just as beautiful to its readers. No problem! :)

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